Spay Day

November 18, 2009

Spay Neuter Day photos!

Yesterday BEBT participated in a "spay day" for the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. We just did dog spays, although other sites in the county had a wider variety of pets (Animal Haven - Dr. Mark Dennis in Hills and ICACAC - Dr. Jenni Doll in Iowa City).

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Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
Most of our staff donated their time for the event. THANK YOU!
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Sara Bright Braverman
Bravo to everyone from ICAC and BEBT - hooray for spay day!
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LeAnn Bouska Anderson
Everyone did a great job yesterday!
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Checkin - "TPR" = temperature, pulse and respiration.

A happy dog at checkin.

An unhappy dog at checkin.
("Big dog").

Safety first! With so many dogs in a "high throughput," we pre-prepared emergency drug doses.

"Little dog."

Obviously, "little dog" needed different emergency drug doses than the Dane...

We stock fresh whole blood, packed red blood cells, and Oxyglobin in case of emergency.

How often do we need it? NOT VERY. We view it like life boats - sometimes the unexpected happens, and it's best to be prepared. (This is an old photo - everything is in date.)

Everyone got pre-surgical bloodwork. Had there been abnormalities, we would have adjusted both our surgery prototocol, and our post-surgery pain management plans.

Our lab. (1)
From left to right:
Lab prep sink; HM2 CBC machine; Abaxis VetScan; microscope.

Our lab (2)
Microscope; printers; Heska Spot Chem; SCA2000 coagulation monitor; computers; centrifuges.

Everyone got an intravenous catheter and fluids.

More IV placement.

More IV catheter placement (scrubbing to make the site sterile).

Lots of IVs.

Still more IVs.

Drug protocol:
Healthy dogs got an acepromazine/morphine premed.
Ketamine/Valium induction.
Intubation, and isoflurane gas during anesthesia.
Post-operative Metacam or Rimadyl.

Induction! This is where we give a bolus anesthetic IV, and place the endotracheal tube.


Intubation (the placement of the endotracheal tube).

A surgical monitor is behind this patient. Dogs were monitored with EKG, pulse oximiter, capnography, non-invasive blood pressure, and temperature.

(This is an older photo of a sick dog, not a Spay Day patient.)

Clipping and scrubbing to prepare the surgery site. The first set of preparation happens in our treatment room, with the last prep in the surgery suite.

More clipping.



More prep work in the operating room.

The last scrubbing in the operating room.

Surgery! Finally, after 2 dozen other photos (and for anyone who says "it's just a spay surgery," note that the safety and preparation steps took longer than the surgery itself!




Anesthesia sheet. We have a dedicated anesthetist for our surgeries, and her job is to monitor the patient. Should blood pressure drop, ETCO2 vary, temperature get too far out of range, etc. then she fixes the problem or alerts everyone ASAP.

"Big dog's" surgery was...longer. (That's one reason why many veterinarians charge more for large dog spays. Also the drug doses are higher, so costs are higher for that too.)

Two surgeries at once.
(Dr. Busick in the foreground, and Dr. Anderson in the back.)

More surgery...

And...guess what this is surgery too.

And...guess what this is surgery too.

Once done with surgery, dogs often need temperature support. This is a "B/Air Hugger" with heated air pumped into the pillow cover to warm the little dog.

Little dog awake!

More recovery photos.

Awake! (But still unhappy, a consistent problem with Caprice.)


I'm up too, just a little fluffy...

A little less awake. (Staff need to recover too.)
I had to resist not making this the album cover.
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Jenn Van Noy Berger
Wonder if she has a FB account... :)
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Sara Bright Braverman
Come on, Gina, it can't be that bad.....
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The last recovery: it's over