Simon bilateral hind leg fractures

September 28, 2011

He who limps...

Simon was hit by a car over the weekend, and had a fractured femur (left hind leg) and a fractured hock (right hind leg). We're not anywhere close to being done with him, and he's not out of the woods especially with his right hock. But to go from two broken legs to this two days after surgery and we say: "He who limps is still walking.

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Mary Frugoli
He's a lucky little man! Good work BEBT!
July 28 at 11:42pm - Like - 1 person

Destinee Fusaro
What a little trooper =]
July 29 at 12:30am - Like

Paula Kelly
They teach us so much about resiliency!
July 29 at 7:00pm - Like