Max the Cat is Better

August 12, 2011

Max came in around 2 weeks ago with diabetes. This wasn't the average-every-day/ run-of-the-mill diabetes, it was a septic pancreatitis. He had to pull through the vomiting from pancreatitis, sepsis with fever, trouble breathing, and eventually severe pleural effusion. He was here for a long 8 days and it was no fun at all.

Max was back for the day today to tweak his insulin treatment, and he is doing great! Dad is on his way here as I post this to take him home.

Max, you were a whole lot more fun today when you were feeling good. (And no doubt Max thinks the same of us.)

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Allan Berger
White whiskers shining in the late summer sun on a Friday evening = a slow peaceful end to our week here.
August 12 at 10:25pm - Like - 2 people

Max Gurtovoy
ADDED BONUS, any of you staff who simply ADORE me can friend me on here, mom made me my own page. there's tons more photos that really show off my awesome coloring. Mom keeps it updated with pics, and how I'm doing.
August 13 at 2:17am - Like

Max Gurtovoy
can someone tag me in this, it won't let me tag myself.
August 13 at 2:29am - Like

Heidi Brinkhaus-Frazer
wow...that sounds like a very tough case and a lucky patient. You guys are great!
August 13 at 9:09am - Unlike - 1 person