Cooper Ate a Corn Cob

23 days in August

September 4, 2011

Cooper was seen eating a corn cob, complete with a corn cob holder. Around 5 days later he was vomiting. We looked closely at the X-ray image, but couldn't see anything substantial other than the intestinal gas.

Cooper had an intermittent upset stomach, and while we talked about surgery it wasn't quite bad enough to say surgery was needed.

23 days after eating it, look what he vomited up! Cooper is now, predictably, back to normal. And probably looking for more things to eat.

Normally what a dog eats today, is out the other end tomorrow. This plastic device must have been sitting in his stomach for 23 days. While this isn't anywhere close to a record for how long something can sit in a dog's stomach, it's still noteworthy.

X-rays detect a difference in density. Had the corn cob holder been made of metal (dense), we would have seen it right away. Plastic is sometimes invisible on X-rays if the density blends in with organs and food.

Good job Cooper...but don't come back to see us any time soon, OK?

Allan Berger
This aspect of life would be a lot easier if like "the old days" they still made corn cob holders out of metal.
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Daniel Rudolph
If it had pointy metal bits, he poprobably would have needed the surgery.
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Allan Berger
Interesting thought about metal vs. plastic as more likely to get stuck...certainly both can get stuck (we remove more plastic from intestines than anything else) but I don't know how to weight the statistics for what pets eat. :-)
Reminds me of the poem, "Eat food, not too much..." and the frequent demand I make of my 7 year old son that he eat "real food." Neither metal nor plastic (nor leather, fabric, rubber) lives on those short lists. More fun to think about when the pet turns out fine like Cooper!!
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Cooper at home and feeling good.

Cooper X-ray view.

Cooper X-ray #2

23 days after eating it, look what he vomited up!!