Not every dog likes giving a blood sample

September 15, 2011

Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital

I know, I know. I'm only supposed to post "warm and fuzzy" pictures. But some of our patients are healthy enough that they would rather stay home than have bloodwork. For anyone who thinks that every dog and every single cat loves to pose for a blood sample at BEBT, I'm sorry to shatter that illusion. :-)

Actually I took the picture because the dog was truly calmed by the "better safe than sorry" stance with the temporary muzzle and available triple-bear hug by three experienced licensed technicians plus Dr. Busick capping the sample. I'm not a talented photographer and it's a cheap camera with the flash off: if anyone was struggling the picture would be blurry with motion artifact.

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Chelsea Vincent
So glad my sister in law knows what she's doing!! Love you Veronica!!
19 hours ago - Unlike - 1 person

Jean Regenwether
It is soooooo much fun to draw blood, especially on a kitty weeeee 14 hours ago - Like

Nancy Drews Petersen
Just hugging the puppy in a different way for a different reason. Responsible care sometimes looks mean, but I don't like to have my blood drawn either and I know the reason. Keep up the good work. 13 hours ago - Like

Dana Osborn
love you posted this! wish all pet owners understood that we are not being cruel when that is done! 5 hours ago - Like

Jackie-Merz Rogers
Is that my Amy Jo?
Friday at 4:16pm - Like

Kristene Lake
The pups name is Max
Friday at 7:37pm - Like

Max Gurtovoy
I'm not quite sure how I feel about sharing my name with a doggy....
Yesterday at 1:06am - Like

Allan Berger
That's why it's "F." Max Gurtovoy. I think there is no risk of confusion.
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