Specialty veterinary drugs more expensive

September 25, 2011

Did you know - this affects veterinary hospitals too?

http://news.yahoo.com/ap-impact-hospital-drug-shortages-deadly-costly-113347849.html - AP: Hospital drug shortages deadly, costly

Just in the last two weeks we struggled to source injectable chemotherapy drugs for a cat, dexmedetomidine injectable anesthetic, and injectable melarsomine to treat heartworm disease. Getting eye ointments that used to cost $6 each tube for less than $35 per tube has been problematic for months. When wanting 10 cc of injectable sodium chloride (ordinary saline), it was actually cheaper to use a 1 liter bag and discard 990 cc than to buy a 10-50 cc vial.

Thus far we have successfully solved all problems except the heartworm treatment, but it takes hours of time to source each drug and we have easily spent thousands of dollars in unexpected medication costs. While we haven't tracked individual purchases from our second tier vendors at BEBT, the 650% markup in costs cited in the article is credible.