Needle stuck in cat's throat

September 28, 2011

Joey was found with some thread hanging from his mouth. When his owner pulled the thread, it broke. Here's what we found in the back of his throat!

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Daniel Rudolph
So do you just grab the needle with surgical tongs?
Thursday at 2:19am - Like

Allan Berger
In this instance, yes we could see it and reach back and grab it. However a lot of the time it requires anesthetizing the cat and using a flexible endoscope to thread down into the stomach to find it. This one was easy.
Thursday at 8:42am - Like

Paula Kelly
Does Joey know Bitey Beast?
Thursday at 9:49am · Like

Linzee Kull McCray
I always worry that I'll drop needles and pins when I sew and Pearl will eat them. Here's proof that it could happen. Glad Joey's A-okay
Thursday at 11:16am - Like

Claudia McHargue McGehee
Close one for Kitty! Glad you spied the thread and brought him in! Ask me sometime when I'm in the shop, about our cat who swallowed a piece of Christmas tree tinsel when I was a kid...
Thursday at 3:16pm - Like

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Mary Stevenson
how many more lives does he have left?
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Jennifer Black Reinhardt
Hmmmmm... Seems to be eying that delectable morsel yet again. Oh these rowdy teenagers!
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Leonard Curtis
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Laura Newton
poor joey!! thats so funny that the vet was happy to have a photo afterwards...x
Thursday at 2:46pm - Like

Elizabeth Cummings
Awww, poor guy! Needle in a furstack! xoxo
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Allan Berger
Everyone was happy afterwards. But there were scowls all around before. Only by comparison with what could have been is anyone EVER happy spending $120 (after antibiotics and such too) at the vet at 9 PM. :-)
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