Fixing Lola's nose

September 30, 2011

Got your nose. (Warning - graphic images.)

You know the child's game "got your nose" where you steal the kid's nose and hide it behind your back? Lola says that's not funny.

We assume Lola was hit by a car. When she first came in Thursday just over a week ago, we focused on her breathing and making sure that she didn't lose enough blood to be life-threatening. We didn't take any pictures then.

As the X-ray images show, Lola's nose was nearly ripped off her face. She also had maxillary fractures, and numerous broken teeth.

The next day we reattached her nose. While sewing up the skin and making everything match on the outside would be relatively easy, more interesting was the issue of maintaining internal alignment of her nostrils so she could breathe. We threaded the red rubber tubes through her nostrils and up into her nose so that we knew the airways were straight with a path for air flow before we started sewing.

Once we got everything put back together, the swelling went down rapidly. She was hit on Thursday last week, and we were able to get her home on Sunday.

Latest reports yesterday (one week after the accident) were that she was eating and breathing fine!
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Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
Warning - all is well now, however some graphic images from when Dr. Jenn Berger, Dr. Susan Oliver, and Dr. Veronica Busick were putting Lola's nose back together.
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RaeAnnon Kramer
This dog is my sister's and I heard nothing but good things about your place and the people who worked on and cared for Lola. Thank you for helping her during her great time of need, I will definitely recommend your hospital to friends!
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Julianna Kennedy Miraculous work! Glad she's doing so well post surgery. As always, you guys are amazing!!
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Geralyn Krug the before and after pics are unbelievable. you are magicians and saints to our loved ones. thank you
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Susan Lebsock-Mckinnon
Our family is so grateful for the amazing care that you gave to our daughter's dog. Our community is so fortunate to have such highly trained veterinary care in our area. Thank you for what you do every day!
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Julie Fixman Great job guys!
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Carl Rischen Nice work!
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Jenn Van Noy Berger
Thanks all for the nice comments. It wasn't easy trying to close the dead space to try to keep the nostrils patent. There wasn't much to suture to and it wasn't an easy area to suture. I was amazed how good she looked and sounded just several hours post op when Mom visited her. Lola was a pleasure to work with. What a sweet girl!
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Janet M Koehler That's amazing!! Good work!!!
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Sarah Brake Great job! she looks great! thank you for all you do!
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Katie McKinnon Thank you to everyone in the office! It was a horrible experience to go through with Lola but everyone was so great! Lola had a check up on Wednesday and they said everything looked good. Her mouth is healing very well and her wounds in her chest and shoulder are closing up very quickly. She sounds like my dad when she sleeps but we are so happy with her progress. She can't seem to eat enough and is very anxious to resume her daily play time outside with me. Thank you for making her healthy again. Her baby sister is also very grateful. 40 minutes ago - Unlike - 3 people

Jenn Van Noy Berger Katie- thanks for the update! All of us at BEBT/EVSIC are thrilled at her progress!
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Katie McKinnon Just a quick update on Lola: she is back to herself! She plays catch outside with her baby sister and continually cries to be outside when she is not playing. Thank you again for all the hard work to bring her back with the family again. She breaths a little loud once in awhile and has a few missing teeth but all stitches have dissolved and we couldn't ask for more!
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Lola's nose partly torn off.

Aligning the nose. Note Lola is on her back, and the tubes are dangling out her nares (nostrils).

Close up showing how the tubes align the nose.
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Susan Manning How the hack did that injury happen? Poor dog!
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Ready to re-attach!

Allan Berger
OK to check from time-to-time to confirm that it's still in place, but please don't lick out the stitiches.


Heidi Brinkhaus-Frazer what happened to her?
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