Repairing Sydney's Leg Laceration

October 4, 2011

Sydney leg laceration

Guess it's "blood and guts" week. We don't know exactly what Sydney did to her leg, but whatever she caught it on peeled back a pretty good chunk. Stay safe Ms. Syd!

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Allan Berger
I try not to post two bloody ones in a row, but Sydney's mom said she wanted copies of these pictures. I still need to organize, but I know I have happier things to post later in the week: one of the thank you cards we got is from a previous FB subject who still remembers us from months ago, and I have a regal photo of one our blood donor cats surveying his domain. I promise prettier pictures in a few days!
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Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
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Destinee Fusaro
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Crystal Landreth
Poor baby :-(
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Sara Bright Braverman
how did that happen?
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Allan Berger
Sydney was running in the yard with friends. We asked her for more details but she declined to say. Sydney was more upset with by the plastic e-collar shield she went home with than with anything else related to the events.
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Colleen Mitchell
Thanks Dr Berger for helping my girl. The backyard search has given us no more clues. All the bolts on the fence still have their plastic safety caps which we wrapped in duct tape after an injury to our other dog (that one wasn't big enough to make the facebook page). It is really very distressing. We can't fix it if we can't find it? She is recuperating well but still not a big fan of the e-collar. Colleen (aka Sydney's Mom).
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Kathy Stepp
dang - good luck finding the problem spot.
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Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
After - going home!
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Michelle Guercio-Winter
Very Nice work!
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Janet M Koehler
That was a Very Nice "fix"!!!!
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