Splenic biopsy: best news of the week!

October 22, 2011

Best news of the week: "Features of neoplasia [cancer] are not observed in the examined sections."

Without warning, two weeks ago today Emma started bleeding internally. She had a splenic tumor that ruptured. We found the tumor on ultrasound, and Emma was the "lucky" recipient of a blood transfusion and a Saturday night emergency surgery. Recovery was a little bit rocky, but overall she did quite well.

After surgery it takes a few days to get biopsy results, so Emma went home to await her prognosis. About 2/3 of splenic tumors are malignant, so the odds were not with Emma and we were really worried about her. But this one totally benign! Her prognosis is good. (We also stumbled on a very mild hepatitis: no treatment at all for that yet.)

Best news of this past week, and she had her skin staples out three days ago! Like - Share
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Jean Walker
Simply put, Allan Berger saved Emma's life - and now she's back to dancing side-to-side with happiness.
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Jean Walker
I'm very grateful to you, but I'm not rushing back to see you any time soon! xxxEmma
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Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
This is what we want in a histopathology report: "Features of neoplasia [cancer] are not observed"! That's as good as it gets!
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Emma waking up from surgery (note the endotracheal tube still in place maintaining her airway). Also getting the last few drops of her blood transfusion.

"I'm feeling better. The BEBT gazebo deck is much nicer than ICU. Can I go home now? Please?"

Going home! "Look at my shaved slightly bruised belly."
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Skin staples out 11 days after surgery. "The door is right behind me. Can I go now?"