Gabe has a megaesophagus

November 9, 2011

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Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
Another challenge - this one suggested by Kristene, one of our RVTs. Years ago, long before she worked for us, she brought in her dog Gabe. Neck, chest, and abdomen X-ray images: what is wrong with Gabe? (While not completely normal, Gabe is doing awesome. Despite the person who dresses him.)
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Kylie Thavenet
Im a little rusty... GDV?
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Allan Berger
This is kind of a tough one. Kristene's idea to post it more than mine (though still an interesting case with clear X-ray images and a happy ending). It's a bloat, and that's a small part of the answer. But it's not a "volvulus" twist - so the classic surgical treatment for GDV does not apply.
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Jenn Van Noy Berger
For the answer, look at the chest! :)
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Allan Berger
Or the neck...look at the neck. What sits under the spine but above the trachea (black airway)? Why is that structure so big/ so filled with... [I'll post the answer late tonight.]
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Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
Gabe has a syndrome called "megaesophagus." See the notes on the last photo (added just now) for an anatomic explanation. From neck all the way through chest, Gabe's esophagus is chock-full of food. Normally as soon as he swallows, his esophagus should push the food down into his stomach, but that wasn't working for Gabe and it was all stuck there compressing his heart and lungs. In his instance it was caused by lack of nerve control to the muscles that ought to empty the esophagus. Usually this syndrome has a poor prognosis, but Gabe has, thus far, beat the odds. Kristene can comment on the extreme amount of nursing care it takes to get a dog over this, including gastrostomy feedings! Gabe is hugely improved now but will always be at increased risk and will always be somewhat of a "special needs" kid.
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LeAnn Bouska Anderson Augh!!!!
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Iris Bombe GDV with megaesophogus?
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Allan Berger Megaesphagus, yes. But it's just a gastric dilation bloat, not a volvulus. A GDV ought to have a more defined separation creating two compartments within the stomach. "Double bubble you're in trouble" because you have a GDV - but this st...See More
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LeAnn Bouska Anderson Very cool case.
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Looking dapper.

Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital
Between the upper edge of the trachea (yellow) and the bottom of the spine (magenta) is the esophagus. Only when you're actively swallowing should there be any food at all in your esophagus. At rest it should be empty. Gabe's is esophagus, between the trachea and the spine, is full of food. This is called "megaesophagus."
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Paula Loniak Wow....
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Jenny Yunker O.M.G.!
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Celestina Ledesma Phillips What kind of animal is this? And what does the food look like? I don't see it.
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Celestina Ledesma Phillips I think you need a normal xray to see or understand:)
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Lynn Kelley wow, that looks so uncomfortable!!!!!
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Godspeed Animal Care/St. Francis Pet Resort & Rehabilitation Center Thanks for sharing these pics.
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Slow Cheetah that is a huge one!!!
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Iron Mountain Animal Hospital Celestina- do you see the black tube near the bottom of the neck? (Some of the yellow arrows are on it)- that is the trachea or windpipe(air shows up black). The whitish/grashish mass above that up to the spine- that is all food stuck in the esophagus. (In the picture, anything in between the yellow and pick arrows is food) The animal is a dog.
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Nancy Prince poor Gabe, glad he got help.
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Roxie McDermott Thanks so much for sharing this with your Facebook audience. It was passed along to me. Would love to have a detailed update on Gabe. Please visit Roxie's MEGA Mission page on FB when you have a chance. She is the MEGA spokes doggie for the ACVIM. Best wishes. :-)
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