Treating Jet's humerus fracture

November 22, 2011

Here's a happy pre-Thanksgiving story! This kitten was dropped off to us in a cardboard box about a month ago. Check out his first X-ray images: he has a pretty bad humerus fracture. Looking only at the bone not at the kitten, we really wanted to put a bone plate on it.

However...the kitten weighted 328 g (that's about 11 oz). He had fleas and diarrhea. He also had some neurologic deficits in the leg suggesting there were other injuries besides the broken bone. While Dr. Allan has some really nice 1.5 mm bone plates that would fit perfectly, at BEBT we had an internal debate over whether the risk of anesthetizing a sick critter who was so small and disadvantaged out-weighed the risk of a fracture that might heal improperly. After the internal debate, including a board-certified surgeon and Drs. Allan and Deb who have fixed their share of bones, we decided to leave it be.

It turned out awesome! Jet arrived 32 days ago. The pictures without the splint were taken today. He runs. He jumps. He climbs. Less flattering is how he chews on the bars of his cage but you can see he loves to be out-and-about.

See also below for a video.

Jet is almost ready to be adopted - probably just another week before we feel good that his leg is solid.

about an hour ago - Like