A busy day at BEBT. This is what was on our camera.

December 1, 2011

It's been a busy day at BEBT. Usually we slow down for winter about now, but lately we've been busy despite the cooling weather and holiday distractions. One of these is from yesterday, but the others are all friends being treated today. (And all doing OK!)
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AAHA Helping Pets Fund
Glad to hear all are doing okay :)
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Jackie-Merz Rogers
That's my Amy!!!!
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Karen Bell Farris
They're twins!
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Donna M Bogs
Hope this little one made a quick recovery from what ever ailedher.
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Allan Berger
This wasn't my case but I think she was a puppy spay surgery. A bit of pampering and she did fine and home as scheduled.
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Erica Gentry I love boxers!
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Jessica Fisher
Thank you so much for everyone who took good care of our baby Addie! I am happy to report that she is doing wonderful....a bit tired but much better! She has been getting pampered and she is loving every minute of it!
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