We treat more poisonings at BEBT

December 7, 2011

No more poisonings please. Since my last message 72 hours ago warning of mouse poison, we have had one additional rodenticide; two chocolate toxicities; one marijuana ingestion (strongly suspected); one Ambien sleeping pill (strongly suspected); and one more that we just now admitted (haven't yet figured Bobbi out).

While two of six remain hospitalized, both are stable and the other four went home. Despite our recent good track record we have other work we could be doing. Please watch your out for medications, chocolate, and of course friends' marijuana. -Allan

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Andrea Troy
Im sure people don't mean to have there pets eat that stuff but that is what u are there for right its a good reminder but it also comes off a little rude as well... u should also add watch ur tree decorations we have a husky pup that has been chewing the stuff off the tree
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Allan Berger
@Andrea: Fair enough! I'm not intending to be rude though I see your point. I am indeed happy to help, just frustrated by preventable stuff. Maybe odd in my line of work, but I still get stressed out by unhappy pets and people who have other pressures on their time than to come in to the emergency vet. With kindness, stay safe everyone!
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Kathy Flynn
Sometimes you have to be rude and blunt to get a point across so that people will sit up and listen. We don't use any mouse/rat poison around here as I don't ever want to put one of my dogs thru that hell. I saw enough of it in clinics when I was a vet tech. We only use mouse traps.
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Celeste Hussli-Poole
Didn't seem rude to me. Keep the reminders coming Dr!
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Robyn Culver
I hope you reported the people whos dog ingested marijuana(legal or not)! That is ridiculous!
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Allan Berger
In dozens of dogs that have seemingly ingested marijuana, only once has it been the owner's. Otherwise it is always the roommate's. People don't have marijuana; people's roommates have marijuana. My second-best story is the dog who was walking down the street in the middle of the night and ate the bag of marijuana lying on the sidewalk before the owner could get to it. Silly me asked "So how did you know it was marijuana?" Why bother to ask a stupid question about a stupid story... I'll save my best story for another day. :-)
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Kimmie D Roberts
I didnt think you were rude at all, it needs to be said. Wake up people if your pets are like mine, there just like kids will get into anything! I have 4 cats and they are my life! I wont put up a xmas tree because they like to climb up into it and it wouldnt take much for that tree to fall down and hurt my babies, not going to take that risk!
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