Thanks from Kimmie

December 10, 2011

Kimmie D Roberts

I saw Jet and the older kitty wednesday so adorable! How are they doing? You guys are phenomenal I so wish you were closer. dont get me wrong I love my vet i take my babies too, but you really impressed me wednesday! I almost lost one of my girls because of a flea infestation. was told that i might have to take her to Iowa state for a blood transfusion, luckily i was able to revive her with 2 days of force feeding with a seringe every two hours! I pray jet and the other animals find happy homes! God Bless!
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Kimmie D Roberts
How much are your adoption fee? I may be looking to adopt.
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Allan Berger
Hm. The person in charge of our adoption program should have answered by now...but I think she's at a staff birthday party tonight. Not forgotten; hopefully we'll hear from Amy soon.
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