Emptying Susie's stomach

December 22, 2011

What you see here is Apomorphine-induced vomit from one of our own doctor's dogs. Please let this serve as a warning to watch your pets carefully this holiday season as our homes are often filled with all sorts of curiosities (treats, gifts, packages, wrapping paper, etc.). It's OK to sniff. It's not OK to eat!
with Veronica Acebey Busick.
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Pam Maddhi I hope everyone is okay! What did he/she eat?
December 22 at 10:24am - Like

Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital Susie is just fine (now!). She got in to some paper and plastic. And some more plastic. If you look closely at the picture there is a Ziplock bag in there. She is known, after all, for having indiscriminate taste!
December 22 at 1:06pm - Like

Pam Maddhi I saw the zip lock and was wondering! Glad Susie is okay and her mom is doing okay too! ;)
December 22 at 3:25pm - Like

Veronica Acebey Busick My poor puppy dog... annotate the brightest but at least she's pretty...
December 22 at 5:44pm - Unlike 2

Robyn Culver It kinda looks like a pheasant since its soo colorful LOL
January 26 at 7:39pm - Like