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January 10, 2012

Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital

We're way behind on our Facebook and mirrored bebt.com blog. We've had our share of interesting cases lately, but also bunch of unfortunate outcomes. This is such a nice Iowa winter (oxymoron?) that I don't want to ruin it with biopsies of the many malignant cancer cases that dominated the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, here's me on KCRG-TV9 from last month. See Pulaski bite me while live on the air! (Pulaski was in a better mood when back on TV last week, and I'll post that when I can get a copy onto YouTube.)


    111207 KCRG.m4v
    Dr. Allan Berger on KCRG TV9 December 11, 2011 - Adopt Jett, a kitten treated by BEBT's rehab for a broken front leg. - Meet Pulaski, a kitten treated by BEB...

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Judith Williams Richardson Wow, that seemed to come out of nowhere. Twice! What makes a seemingly placid cat do that?
January 10 at 3:16pm - Like

Allan Berger Actually the biting was out-of-character for him and I've not noticed it since either. Pulaski was pretty scared his first month or two with us, as the rehab on the leg that we fixed wasn't any fun. Every week he's still growing more outgoing. (Maybe he doesn't like his name? I don't know how a stereotypical 'Pulaski' acts but maybe he's trying to tell us something?)
January 10 at 3:28pm - Like

Karla Duwa Looks like he's saying he's done w being held!
January 10 at 3:45pm - Like

Allan Berger I think Pulaski has a new home!!! It's someone who saw him on TV last week, likely he's movin' up north tomorrow evening. City of Cedar Rapids, look out!
January 10 at 11:25pm - Like - 1

Dallas Houtz Pulaski (A.K.A. Ducky) will be spoiled rotten in Cedar Rapids and I am so thankful that my family gets the opportunity to give him a stable and normal life. He has no idea the amount of attention that is awaiting him up here!
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