BAER hearing testing

July 2, 2012

A slower night tonight, so Vader volunteered for a hearing exam with our recently acquired Baercom instrument (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response). The instrument generates click sounds that, in a hearing individual, stimulate the auditory areas in the ear and brain. The stimulation is sensed by small hypodermic needles placed in the skin - on top of the head and adjacent to each ear. In a deaf individual a "flat-line" is observed. If you're not sure if your cat is truly deaf, or just ignoring you: this is how you would learn the difference! Vader "passed." He can hear - especially when the word "dinner" is involved - otherwise he's just ignoring the annoying people. Also in the album are other volunteers for the new instrument.

The BAERCOM instrument and attachments.

Vader holding still for the application of the needles.

Still holding still, but less amused.

Needles and ear bud are in place and we're ready to go.

The first wave is the sound registering in the auditory nerve. The remaining waves are the response in the brain. A flat line would be observed in an area that was not functioning correctly.

Emily Helin likes this. Jenn Van Noy Berger Fly is happy as long as someone is touching her!

Jenn Van Noy Berger I think Goose is wondering what "mom" aka Dr. Gingerich is doing!

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Kimberly Hannam Can you test that on my dog?
(Although I'm pretty sure it's the listening vs the hearing that is the problem for Casey) July 2 at 10:28pm - Like

Allan Berger Knowing Casey well, I too am pretty sure your problem is the listening part. Yes we can test him.
Dr. Heather Sanchez and Dr. Sarah Gingerich have the most experience with this type of testing. Dr. Sanchez posted this and she's the doctor pictured with the cat Vader. Dr. Gingerich is in black with the Boxer.
If you want to follow through, Casey is well enough behaved hopefully we wouldn't need to sedate him or anything - just call for an appointment with Heather or Sarah.
Thanks Kimberly! Haven't seen you in a few months, which is kind of a good thing that Casey hasn't had any extended stays lately.
July 3 at 12:07am - Like

Colleen Lott Wehr i have a pug that responds to hand signals, but rarely responds to "come" unless i YELL it and he's looking at me. then I do the 'come' motion and he calmly walks over. he's had ear issues all his life, so I'm pretty sure he's hard of hearing, at the very least. - very cool instrument
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Suzan Grazier Takeuchi Very cool!
July 3 at 8:15am via mobile - Like

Kimberly Hannam I was wondering because since moving to Iowa, he has not been bothered by thunderstorms, which used to really scare him (he would even refuse human food so he was really stressed) and thought maybe his hearing is going (or my apartment is structured differently or something)
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