Client Education - Videos

We have a small video library, mostly on facebook
We are currently converting those over to YouTube and also collecting them here.

Our goal is to have this done by the end of 2011.
In the meantime, visit our facebook and our YouTube sites.



Dr. Allan on KCRG TV9
September 28, 2011
- Fleas, fleas, and more fleas
- Tahiti the dog needs a home
- Hair control in a shedding black Lab dog
- Medication safety
Dr. Allan on KCRG TV9
September 14, 2011
- Sneezing in cats.
- Pica in dogs.
- Stanley at BEBT still needs a home.
- Dermatitis on a dog's neck. - What is a "hot spot"?
Dr. Allan on KCRG TV9
January 5, 2011
- Adopt Lillian, a cat exposed to MRSA then taken as a BEBT rescue.
- What is a "hot spot"?
Dr. Allan on KCRG TV9
August 17, 2011
- Adopt Luther, a BEBT rescue
- Flea problems: Options when products don't work, and Merial offers free help if Frontline was purchased from a veterininarian but isn't working


Dr. Allan on KCRG TV9
November 10, 2010
- Dogs eating cat food and coprophagia
- Adopt Pinelope (sic), a cat hit by car then taken in by BEBT
- Flea treatment of young kittens
Dr. Allan Berger on KCRG TV9
October 10, 2010
- Mister needs a home, dog with broken leg
- 15 year old dog with weight loss and good appetite; needs to see a vet


BEBT television ad - Dr. Jenn Berger humor


E-clinic television ad

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