Thanks from Lola's owner

October 1, 2011

Katie McKinnon

Thank you so much for getting Lola home so soon after that awful accident! She is so happy to be home and does not leave my side unless she is eating. She looks and sounds great. All stitches are holding, the drain was pulled, and she is back to her old self. For those who are pet owners get a kennel for your dogs. Lola was on a leash while I was at work and managed to come off and get hit on the road. I was so lucky and blessed to find her up and walking but the vet clinic employees, Lola, and I went through a lot to get her back to herself. Please save yourself and your dogs a lot of pain and take the proper steps to provide an appropriate environment.

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You like this.

This refers to Lola's nose, click here for the case description.

RaeAnnon Kramer
This dog is my sister's and I heard nothing but good things about your place and the people who worked on and cared for Lola. Thank you for helping her during her great time of need, I will definitely recommend your hospital to friends!
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Geralyn Krug
the before and after pics are unbelievable. you are magicians and saints to our loved ones. thank you
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Susan Lebsock-Mckinnon
Our family is so grateful for the amazing care that you gave to our daughter's dog. Our community is so fortunate to have such highly trained veterinary care in our area. Thank you for what you do every day!
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Katie McKinnon
Thank you to everyone in the office! It was a horrible experience to go through with Lola but everyone was so great! Lola had a check up on Wednesday and they said everything looked good. Her mouth is healing very well and her wounds in her chest and shoulder are closing up very quickly. She sounds like my dad when she sleeps but we are so happy with her progress. She can't seem to eat enough and is very anxious to resume her daily play time outside with me. Thank you for making her healthy again. Her baby sister is also very grateful.
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