Intensive Care Unit

We maintain a staffed ICU 24 hours a day to care for critically ill and hospitalized animals. Each patient receives personalized nursing care with hourly monitoring, that allow our doctors to adjust any treatment plans as needed. Clients are kept up-to-date on all progress and can visit anytime until discharge.

Below are common services provided in our dedicated ICU.

Blood Transfusions

Critically ill pets can have conditions that require blood transfusions, such as ingestion of poisons, trauma injury where large volumes of blood may have been lost, prolonged internal bleeding, and anemia due to severe illness. While many of these conditions are medically manageable once a diagnosis is made and the bleeding and or destruction of the cells has ceased, a blood transfusion may be the best life-saving treatment option.

Oxygen Therapy

In some cases, patients need oxygen delivered to improve levels in the body. BEBT has the capability to provide more advanced and efficient methods. Supplementation methods include, but are not limited to passive flow-by delivery, a tight-fitting face mask, an oxygen hood, nasal and nasopharyngeal catheters, intratracheal oxygen, oxygen cages, and mechanical ventilation.

Intensive Care Unit