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(319) 351-4256


What are your hours?
We are open for urgent care during our scheduled hours. Find our hours and location >

Do you do boarding?
Not typically; there is a boarding kennel in our building on the first floor:  Home Away from Home; (319) 358-9015

What vaccines does my pet need?
Rabies and Distemper are strongly recommended for both cats and dogs. Depending on lifestyle and exposure, we may also recommend others.

If I tell you the symptoms of my pet, can you tell me what's wrong with him?
Unfortunately, no. We do not diagnose over the phone. It is difficult to say for sure what is going on with your pet without a proper physical exam. 

Do you carry regular pet food?
No. We only carry prescription diets. Hill's, Royal Canin, and Purina.

Are you super busy right now or if I come right now can you get me in?
Because we have walk ins and emergencies, our schedule changes rapidly. We make a strong effort to be efficient with everyone's time.

I think my pet has an ear infection/UTI/etc.  Can you prescribe something over the phone?
Without an exam we are not able to prescribe something over the phone. Many times symptoms mirror many illnesses, so it is best to rule other illnesses to be sure we are treating properly.

Will you see reptiles?
Yes, as well as other pocket pets.

I'm a new client. What should I bring to the first appointment my pet has at Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails?
Bring your pet’s existing medical and vaccination records for us to copy so we have a complete file.

Veterinary FAQs